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Port Services: A Comprehensive Overview

Ports are an important part of maritime transportation and trade. Many ports allow merchant ships to dock, unload and load cargo. Port services include a variety of services that enable these complex transactions to be managed smoothly. Here is an overview of the main components of our port services:

  1. Pre-Loading and Pre-Discharge Inspections: As Bandırma Survey, cargoes are inspected before they are loaded onto the ships and before they are unloaded from the ships. This ensures that loads are transported correctly and safely.
  2. Cargo Damage Checks: As Bandırma Survey, we carry out the necessary checks to detect cargo damage. This prevents cargo from being damaged during the transportation process and ensures that necessary precautions are taken in case damage is detected.
  3. Warehouse and Tank Controls: As Bandırma Survey, we inspect storage tanks and warehouses. This ensures that the safety and quality of stored materials are maintained.

Port services are a key element of international trade and vital for many industries. These services contribute greatly to global trade by enabling economic growth, ease of trade and the transportation of critical materials.

Load Control

Cargo inspection to be carried out by Bandırma Survey is carried out to ensure that the cargo loaded or unloaded from ships is transported correctly, safely and efficiently. This includes loading cargo in the correct order, compliance with transport rules and customs clearance when necessary. The condition, quantity and packaging of the loads are also inspected.

Inspections Before Loading and Discharge

These inspections carried out by Bandırma Survey include checks of ships before loading or unloading.

  1. Pre-Loading Inspections: This stage is when the ship is subjected to a detailed inspection before being loaded. Elements such as the ship's cargo capacity and regulations, the correct and safe placement of the cargo, and whether the deck equipment is in working order are reviewed.
  2. Pre-Discharge Inspections: This stage includes checks before unloading the ship's cargo. As with pre-loading inspections, it is checked that all equipment is in working order and that cargo arrangements are in compliance so that the ship can discharge safely.

Pre-loading and pre-discharge inspections are vital for maritime safety and the safe transportation of cargo. These checks help prevent overloading, unbalanced loading, or damage to the load.

Cargo Damage Controls

Cargo Damage Control is a process that is of critical importance in the transportation industry. These checks include examining and recording the transported cargo for any damage or deficiency.

  1. Definition of Cargo Damage: Cargo damage means any damage or loss of the transported cargo during the transportation process. These damages may vary depending on the type of cargo and transportation conditions. Examples include packaging damage resulting from physical impacts or damage to liquid cargo that causes leaks.
  2. Damage Detection: Methods such as visual inspection, measurements, weighing, and sampling are used to detect cargo damage. These inspections help identify and record any damage during transportation.
  3. Cargo Damage Reports: If damage is detected, a cargo damage report is prepared. This report details the type of damage, its amount, its causes, and the conditions during transportation. These reports play an important role in resolving disputes between insurance companies, carriers, and buyers.
  4. Sharing of Responsibility: Responsibility for cargo damages generally depends on who bears the responsibility during transportation. The cause of damage may vary depending on factors such as carrier error, inadequate packaging, or natural disaster. Liability for damage is determined based on the contracts made between the parties and the transport documents.
  5. Cargo Insurance: Many companies use cargo insurance to reduce the financial impact of cargo damages. This insurance provides compensation in case the transported cargo is damaged or lost.

Cargo Damage Controls play a critical role in ensuring safety and quality control during the cargo transportation process. As Bandırma Survey, we offer expertise and experience to detect and prevent cargo damages. In this way, the transportation process is carried out more reliably and smoothly.

Warehouse and Tank Controls

Warehouse and Tank Controls refer to the process of regularly reviewing, inspecting and maintaining warehouse facilities and tanks. These controls are critical to the safety, efficiency and environmental suitability of warehouse and tank systems.

  1. Warehouse Controls: Warehouses are used for material storage and management purposes in facilities. Regular monitoring and management of stocks is important for businesses. As Bandırma Survey, we carry out the necessary inspections completely in line with the instructions of our customers.
  2. Tank Controls: Tanks are large containers where liquid or gaseous products are stored. As Bandırma Survey, we carry out the necessary inspections completely in line with the instructions of our customers.

Warehouse and Tank Controls are important to protect the safety and environmental compliance of businesses, prevent stock losses and ensure that operations continue uninterrupted. As Bandırma Survey, we help businesses carry out these checks.

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