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Container Internal Filling Loading Controls:

The condition of the containers is an important factor for quality, safe and fast container transportation. The presence of residues and contamination in the container of the previously transported cargo and their not being cleaned is a significant obstacle to the safe transportation of the cargo to be loaded later.

Although the buyer and seller companies have confidence in the transportation company in this regard, they want to be sure about the condition, cleanliness and durability of the container, in short, whether it is suitable for the load to be transported. The reports prepared by our surveyors after their surveillance and inspection work constitute solid evidence of the condition, cleanliness and reliability of the container.

Bandırma Survey meticulously inspects the quantity, quality and suitability of the products loaded into the containers. In addition, it takes the necessary precautions to ensure that the loaded products are transported safely in the container. In this way, the reliability of trade increases and high-quality products are offered to customers. Bandırma Survey plays an important role for the safety and efficiency of maritime transportation.

Container Discharge Controls:

Supervising the evacuation of products inside the container is a very critical process in the maritime and logistics sectors. This process involves opening containers from ships or warehouses and safely removing the products inside. Important elements of this process:

  1. Each container is first authenticated. The container's number and other identification information are recorded. This ensures accurate identification of the container.
  2. Necessary security measures are taken to open the container safely. This ensures that both personnel and products are safe.
  3. The products inside the container are carefully removed. In the meantime, care is taken to prevent damage to the products.
  4. Quality control is carried out after the products are removed. The products are checked to see if they are damaged or missing. If damaged products are detected, they are recorded and relevant actions are taken.
  5. Environmental and occupational health issues are taken into consideration when opening the container. Containers carrying chemicals or hazardous materials are particularly taken into consideration in this respect.
  6. Our experienced personnel supervise the evacuation of the contents of the container. Our experts help you better manage the process and resolve potential problems.

Unloading supervision of the products inside the container is a vital process that starts when the ship arrives at the port and ensures the safe and orderly unloading of the products. This process helps logistics processes run smoothly and products are protected.

We aim to prevent possible losses by presenting the supervision and sealing/unsealing works carried out by our expert and experienced team in container loading and unloading to our customers in a detailed report, supported by photographs.

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