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What are Hold Seal / Hold Unsealing Services?

Cargo sealing is a security measure applied at a stage where cargoes are placed in the ship's holds and protected during transport. This process begins with the sealing of the ship's holds and is completed by locking or sealing the holds. Seals are used to track and prevent manipulation of cargoes during the transportation process. Therefore, correct sealing procedures ensure that cargoes arrive safely and intact at their destination.

Cargo sealing and unsealing services are indispensable for ensuring reliability and compliance in the maritime industry. These services ensure the security and transportation of cargoes while guaranteeing adherence to the correct procedures and compliance with maritime regulations during the process.

Hold Seal / Hold Unsealing Process

The Cargo Sealing and Unsealing Process is a critical series of steps rigorously implemented in the maritime sector to ensure the safety of cargoes, customs compliance, and adherence to maritime regulations. These process steps facilitate the secure transport and handling of cargoes located in ship holds.

Cargo Sealing Process:

  1. Sealing: After the cargo is placed in the hold, the holds are sealed with seals. Seals are numbered and securely placed. These seals ensure the safekeeping of the cargo inside the hold and prevent tampering.
  2. Documentation: Once the sealing process is completed, it is officially documented. Seal numbers are recorded, and relevant documents are prepared.

Cargo Seal Removal Process: Cargo seals are safely removed by authorized personnel. This process enables the safe removal of cargo from the ship and initiates customs procedures.

Cargo sealing and unsealing operations ensure the safe and orderly removal and transportation of cargoes from ships. These processes are of great importance in the maritime world in terms of security, compliance, and efficiency. At Bandırma Survey, we provide reliability and expertise to the maritime sector by professionally managing these operations.

Hold Seal / Hold Unsealing Services with Bandırma Survey

Cargo Sealing and Unsealing Services in the Maritime Sector require reliability, speed, and expertise. Bandırma Survey, as a specialized company in this field, contributes to the successful execution of these services.

Speed and Efficiency: Bandırma Survey carries out cargo sealing and unsealing operations quickly and efficiently, ensuring that maritime operations progress smoothly and on time.

Experienced Personnel: Bandırma Survey's experienced staff adheres to high-quality standards in cargo sealing and unsealing operations, instilling confidence in our clients.

Custom Solutions: The company offers custom solutions tailored to the needs of its clients. Each operation is designed according to cargo specifications and client requirements.

Bandırma Survey provides expertise and reliability in cargo sealing and unsealing services, contributing to the safe and seamless transport of goods for clients in the maritime industry.

Cargo sealing and unsealing services are of paramount importance in the maritime sector. At Bandırma Survey, we offer these services at the highest standards to ensure cargo security and customs compliance. With our experienced personnel, we design each operation to provide our clients with speed, quality, and safety. As a trusted partner, we take pride in assisting our clients in advancing their operations seamlessly.

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